Monday, February 25, 2013

working it out

In this last run of regular blogging, I've struggled. With words, ideas, how to define the point in what I'm doing--its all been quite a challenge. I think that's how this chapter is supposed to go. One of my therapists has thrown down the gauntlet and tasked me with daily blogging as a means to help reignite the part of my brain that seems to have atrophied or otherwise been effected by the 2.5 cm tumor that was discovered in the left side of my brain 3+ years ago.

Most days, I take the obvious route and report on an event from the day, maybe something brief about music. It's difficult to come up with something blog worthy when life, in general, is so boring. I woke up. I fed everyone. I drove to school and work. And then I did the exact same thing in reverse.

Holy crap, my life is a palindrome.

I find the real challenge--the brain-buildy part--to be coming up with the words to describe things. It is tough as shit to take the thoughts and turn them into actual words that mean actual stuff and make sense when put down, one after the other. Kiddo has been learning how to do mazes, and I imagine that we are experiencing similar feelings as we work through our puzzles. Frustration, concentration, pride. Repeat.

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