Wednesday, February 27, 2013

No sleep for the cuddlers

I realize it's hard to say no to a sleepy five-year-old, especially one in fuzzy pajamas, one who wants to get in bed with you, one who is your only little five-year-old and will always be you sweet, precious what-have-you, but Max, please, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD learn to say NO. Learn to say HELL NO, GO BACK TO YOUR OWN BED.

How did I sleep last night? I suppose you can guess. Feet in my face. Elbows in my face. At one point, a sweet and tiny arm across my chest, attached to a small and fluffy head, eyes closed, yelling in my face, "Six one five! Six one five, Mommy!" Adorable? Absolutely. Conducive to a restful, good night's sleep and dreams that are not about a post apocalyptic community college? Not as such, no.

Max, the next time you let him into bed before 6 am, I'm going to sleep on the futon. You can deal with his uber-cute sleep attacks.

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