Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Heart Full of Fancy Ingredients

(For those of you who are keeping track: that last post was written yesterday afternoon, and I thought I had posted it last night. When I opened my computer this morning, I realized that I hadn't actually hit the "Publish" button. Still totally counts for yesterday!)

I have had such a terrific Valentine's Day, and I hope all of you have, too. I got to watch the kiddo's face EXPLODE with joy when I gave him his very own box of conversation hearts and then IMPLODE with joy when I gave him his very own heart shaped box of chocolates (with a kitten on it! squeeeeeee!). Another Valentine's Day like this and the kid won't have any face left.

On the way to work, I listened to the awesome Valentine's Day playlist on Spotify that I made for Max--really, it's amazing. A little bit of soul, a little alt-rock, some Mr. T Experience and absolutely ZERO Air Supply.

At the office, I was the surprised and thrilled recipient of flowers and chocolates from The Best Coworker Ever. After kindergarten pick-up, I got to watch Grandpa smile as kiddo delivered a Valentine's Day card and quick kiss to my folks. And as if all of that wasn't enough, after walking Turkey Sandwich tonight, I got hand made cards from both of my Valentines and SUPER FANCY CHOCOLATES with things like LAVENDER and PISTACHIO in them. Well played, husband.

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