Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dreaming of the Emerald Isle

In 2006-2007, Max and I had the amazingly good fortune to spend a year living in Dublin, Ireland. The country was chock-full of beautiful landscapes and powerfully emotional history, not to mention kind and welcoming people. Our time there led us to some thrilling places (like Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland, in the above photo), and handed us some unforgettable memories with friends, both new and old.

Today we met up with of my favorite results of living in Ireland, a wonderful friend who was there at the same time as us with the same group of folks from Max's company. I haven't seen him much since we all came back to the states (remember? wedding, baby, multiple moves, home buying, terminal illness, etc), but today's San Francisco lunch date with Max, Samson, our buddy and his 9 month old son made for some seriously joyful memories of days of yore, and grand expectations of times to come. Slainte!

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