Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Using the C Card

How awful is jury duty? Pretty damn awful. The last time I was called up for jury duty, I was a freshly diagnosed brain tumor patient a scar that Dr. Frankenstein would be proud of. My neuro-oncologist provided a letter that stated as much, and I was excused from jury duty for three years.

Fast-forward to today, barely finished cleaning up the confetti from the celebration of my passing the three-year survival mark, and what do you think I get in the mail? I immediately asked my neuro-oncologist for another letter. She politely said no, that she wouldn't feel comfortable stating that I was disabled.

Fats-fast-forward to tonight, where I go into a semi-belligerent rant about how I shouldn't be on a jury; after all, I confuse words like "justice" and "pickle" all of the time! My brain was sliced, diced and pumped full of chemicals! My head is stuck for hours in a microwave oven mascaraeding as an MRI tube four times a year! I certainly wouldn't want me on MY jury were I accused of anything.

Max wasn't having any of it. He shook his head, over and over. "Nope. you're perfectly capable of serving on a jury. You know the difference between right and wrong. If it were a bad idea, Dr. Clarke would have written the letter."

Foo on you. Foo on logic. And foo on jury duty.

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