Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hey Hey, Kids, What Time Is It?

Still here. Sleeping. Like usual. Low platelets for anyone keeping score.

Loving the new car; can't wait to leave for Disneyland in it! Coming soon: photos of mouse ears.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Oh yeah! I got my license yesterday! I was too sleepy today to remember to post about it. And yes, it's wonderful. Strange, but it didn't cure my cancer like I thought it would. Hmm.

Monday, March 08, 2010


While I'm feeling all in all better than a month ago (bye bye, milk and cheese), I simply cannot shake this fatigue. I am, in fact, sleep blogging right now.

Just had a great video chat with my bro and the missus plus their little 12 day old bundle. She's so cute, I can even look past the fact that she cries whenever we're on video chat and that she has the funniest little crossed eyes you've ever seen. I can't wait to hold her, but she'll be way past the squishy stage by then, more in the sitting up phase. But that's also the giggling phase, so I guess Uncle Beardo and Auntie Doofus will be there as well.

I'm actually going into the office tomorrow, which is good for morale. It feels good to be in an old familiar place and eat old familiar sushi.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Baby, I can drive my OWN car, thank you very much

I can't believe I didn't post this on Wednesday (sorry, I was in the Temodar haze), but I passed my driving test! Written, vision and behind the wheel, I kicked some serious ass, even within 24 hours of having taken my last dose of chemo. I am supreme.

It'll likely be a week or two before I get a letter from the DMV stating that I am eligible for a new license, and that I have to have to head down to the DMV and stand in line to get the temp paper license and have my photo taken for my real license, but I'm one gigantic step closer to me being me-ish again. It's a good feeling.

After having slept most of the week (again, I HEART TEMODAR, not), I was able to get out and about this morning, thanks to my drill sergeant mom and her love of giving orders (also her love of me), and her rare skill at 2-year-old herding. She's something to see, really. If toddler wrangling were an Olympic sport, she'd be all, look at my 17 gold medals, dig?