Monday, February 18, 2013

The Easy Way Out

"Pretend I fell on the floor and you cut my head off."

"Pretend I have power to make you go back to life."

"If you step on that part, it will kill you."

"Ok, then I won't step on it."

"Now I am a kitty, and this kitty is scared."

"Meow, kitty, let's make a kitty house so we can hide together."

There are three five-year old boys downstairs in Samson's room, and they are LOUD. The are playing, yelling, SHOUTING--and I am on cloud nine. With neighbors across the street who are just the right age and just the right kind of kids, I hardly ever have to crawl on around on my hand and knees pretending to be a kitty anymore. I can do Legos and books and arts & crafts no problem, but this endless imaginative play is not my cup of tea. Hooray for friendly, active, loving and like-minded twins that live across the street!

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