Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Warm and fuzzy

The weather has been amazing lately. Mid-February has brought clear, sunny days, 70 + degree days and long, lingering sunsets...until today when the temperature barely got above 50 and I froze my sweet ass clean off.

I may not have had the good sense to dress appropriately myself (even though my desk might as when be in Alaska), but I bundled the kiddo in multiple layers, found his raincoat, and even pulled out his rain boots. He missed seeing the hail that pelted the area in the early afternoon, but there is talk of lightning later tonight, so he may get to enjoy this insipid weather after.

That being said, this post was written from my bed, under the winter down comforter, with the heater cranked...and two dogs on my ankles and hips. And it's not even 4:30 in the afternoon yet.

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