Monday, August 01, 2005

You win some, you lose some

It's definitely a day of mixed emotions. First off, it's a Monday, traditional day of dread and ugh for school children and worker bees alike. For those of use who tend to lean toward the blind optimism side of the scale, the dread gets mixed with a generous helping of "Hooray! It's a brand new week and anything is possible!" which leads to a general attitude of confusion-induced crankiness.

Second, it's Rhonda and Arthur's birthdays, so there is joyous celebration and cake! Two of the things that make me happy. And a third thing that makes me happy: Vietnamese food, including crab and avocado summer rolls. And thanks to Mireille's recent trip to Toronto, these birthdays also mean maple-cream filled chocolates shaped like maple leaves (or leafs, if you dig the hockey).

It is also Alex's first day at the office, our new friend and colleague, and new friends and colleagues are always worth celebrating.

The mixed part of the emotions comes from learning that an old friend of mine passed away over the weekend. I don't want to dwell on the sadness, but I do want to say that he was very nice to my dog, very nice to my friend, and was a very nice person with a nice family; inviting, welcoming, and with large hearts.

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