Friday, August 26, 2005

I've been feeling a bit crochety lately...

Check me OUT! Miriam and I have been taking a crochet class at Imagiknit for the past 2 Wednesdays. That's right--who's your granny?

See, it's a granny square. And If I make enough of 'em, I'll have an afghan! Or, apparently, a belt, or a bag, or a bikini (shudder). I'm aiming for afghan. Here's a close up of the purple, pink, and neon orange beauty that is my first completed granny square:

Added bonus: there's this awesome lady in my class who makes smelly soap and lotions (yes, you can buy them from her!), and she also makes knitting bags out of vintage fabric. These she does not sell on her website yet, but I lucked out by snagging this beautiful yellow one from her at class this week:

Soon, it will be literally filled to the brim with granny squares. You'll see.

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