Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Another reason to be happy

Today a woman has come to our office to bathe our dogs.

To bathe our dogs.

Mobile dog grooming is a beautiful thing. I mean, really beautiful.

I used to wash my dogs, no problem. We'd hop into the tub together and there would be special smelly doggie shampoo and special doggie bath towels. And one hell of a messy bathroom when all was said and done, but well worth it when you share your bed with 2 60+ pound dogs.

Then I lived in an apartment with poor drainage (and a fairly water bill-conscious landlord) where dog washing in the tub was a no-no. So I got used to paying someone to wash the beasts for me. It's a real luxury, to be sure, but nothing says "clean" like dogs who smell like strippers.

But it's impossible to get them done on weekdays, and with limited weekend hours I found the time between baths growing longer and longer...and longer. So when Rhonda mentioned that her groomer now has a mobile unit, The Soggy Doggy, we simply had to try it out. Besides, Nanna had begun to smell not unlike an old shoe.

Now there are some super clean dogs in this office. And clean dogs are frisky dogs!

Just look at them run around the office in frantic, expanding circles. Can you smell the clean? OK, granted, it still smells kind of like wet dog, which is the opposite smell of clean. But the promise of clean-smelling dogs has it's own aroma.

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