Friday, August 19, 2005

I Like My Meat Like My Men: Grilled and on a Sword.

In honor of APV's birthday last night, a bunch of us went out for Brazilian BBQ. Have you even had Brazilian BBQ? No? Well let me tell you, there's nothing like having a guy with a sword full of meat come up to you every three and a half minutes to offer you food. Nothing. In fact, for my next birthday, I would like everyone to pitch in and hire a guy to following me around all day with a sword full of grilled meats.

You think I'm joking?

To celebrate the birthday factor, a pasty guy in a blue oxford shirt came out from the back of the restaurant and blew a horn (looked to me like an elaborate shofar):

It's common knowledge that Adam blows. So it was no surprise when he persuaded Mr. Pasty Hornblower to fork over the horn.

What was surprising, however, was just how much Kevin Punzalanski loves cake!

Who knew! Not me. I do know how to shop for birthday gifts though. Check this bad boy out.

I'll end this with my first Photo Friday entry in a while: One.

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