Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Although I openly admit that I can still only knit a straight, plain, single-colored scarf, I am now more inspired than ever to get off my kiester and learn how to read a dang pattern:

(Thanks, weasel, for linking to You Knit What???

Tonight I'll be going in the right direction but on the wrong track as I start a mini, three-week crochet class with Mir. Can one crochet poultry-themed headwear? I sure hope so!

If anyone out there is as obsessed with Paige Michalchuk as I've become lately, you'll enjoy this quiz: How Paige Are You? She totally goes there. Me? Apparently, I'm the Anti-Paige. Not a bad thing, although I wouldn't mind having a little more of the Paige Michalchuk ruthlessness. Ruthless like a fox.

Paige won't be there (boo), but Marco and Hazel will be appearing at Stonestown Shopping Center in SF this Saturday as part of the Degrassi Mall Tour. I'll be there--come on, it's a mall tour. And for the record, I realize that Marco and Hazel won't actually be there, the actors who play Marco and Hazel will be there. Jeez, I don't live in a complete fantasy world. Sheesh.

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