Thursday, August 18, 2005

Happy Bloggiversary!

A great big cheer for one whole year! My oh my, how the time does fly. It seems like just yesterday I posted my first blog entry. That was a whole entire year ago! Pretty soon my blog will be eating solid foods and asking to borrow the car keys.

I love my blog.

Here's a look at some of the highlights of Deborah's Den--Year One:

Ozzy's Root Canal

The Election (AKA That of Which We Shall Not Speak)

Michael Fau Loved Hats

Remembering Those Good 'Ol Days

The Mickey Rooney Rock

That One Time I Got A Bunch Of Page Views

The Rear-End Chronicles

The Infamous Chocolate & Cheese Post

How Do I Love My Blog? Let Me Count The Ways.

Are They Not Dogs?

Honestly, I love this blog. I love that my colleagues, friends, family, and complete strangers stop by every so often to see what's going on...and like a gruesome car crash, they can't turn away. I love that my pets have become celebrities in my own little world. It's a place where the things I find funny or interesting are the chosen topics of conversation (or rambling monologue). I don't mean to sound purely egotistical, but what is a blog (at least this type of blog) if not an extension of the blogger's ego? And hey, my ego's a pretty nice place to hang out every so often. Sometimes, there's donuts.

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