Tuesday, August 09, 2005

(Like) New Computer

I've spent the past few days reformatting my C drive and generally making my computer run faster. And then I had to re-install all of my software programs. The I had to reinstall my wireless connection thingie that I accidentally uninstalled. Hmmm. So you see, it's really not my fault that I haven't blogged yet this week.

Saturday night I went to see Wicked with Rhonda and crew. Best. Musical. Ever. I'm pretty sure that the theater critic from the San Jose Mercury News, and theater critics in general, are either on sensory-blocking drugs or just plain mean. The review in today's paper was horrible, off the mark completely, and just plain wrong. I was angry for many minutes after reading it. Besides, I think I have a girl-crush on Elpheba. How dare that theater critic refer to her as a "giggly teenage girl"!? Ridiculous.

Got a new camera, so once I'm not too busy to shoot fun, action-filled panoramic 4-frames-in-2-seconds pictures, I will shoot them indeed and post them here. Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

I certainly hope those silly reviewers read your comments and rethink their position. There is much more there than just the surface stuff.