Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Where can I get an after-market sun roof for my sofa?

The bad news: the dang sofa wouldn't fit through our apparently terribly narrow stairway up to the living room (or, as I call it, room of loaf.). So the super duper reclining sofa had to be returned. Sunday morning around 11, I was NOT loving it at Levitz. And Levitz can't stand to be unloved, so it got on its knees and begged for one more chance to make everything right.

And I have given it that chance.

The sofa that is supposed to be delivered this Sunday is the Escalade of sofas. Dual recliner? Well, duh. Triple-thick royal blue chenille? Aw, yeah. Remote controlled dual massage? Rolling and shiatsu. Ass-warmers? You betcha. I'm not fooling--the thing's got cup holders and storage consoles. I'm going to embroider racing stripes on it. And this one comes apart into three stairway-compatible pieces.

Unless Levitz screws this one up, too, pictures will be available next week. Please try to contain your excitement.

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