Monday, March 07, 2005

I boldly go places.

I'm feeling rather hopeful today. It must be the spring-like weather we had over the weekend. That, combined with learning new skills (knitting, touch-typing, and Hebrew classes) make me feel optimistic about my ability to adapt to our changing environment. This is an incredibly important ability, especially because I am, like, so getting old. Yesterday, I got so fed up with the loud and ridiculous "music" that was being blared in the hip n' cool section of Macy's that I had to leave--without purchasing anything. And when Max and I were at Safeway buying cheese and German beer to make Rachel Ray's 30 minute Cheese and German Beer Fondue, the cashier asked for Max's ID, while he said to me,"I don't need to see yours. You're old enough."

But I'm not bothered. Because I can adapt to my changing environment, as evidenced by my newly acquired knitting, touch-typing, and Hebrew-speaking skills.

Here's me looking optimistic:


Anonymous said...

If I were a supermarket employee, I'd ask to see the IDs of people whom I felt were most likely to have really funny photos.

Assuming that everyone thinks like me, the Safeway clerk obviously looked at you two and decided that Leor was more likely to have an embarrassingly funny photo ID, whereas yours would have been flattering, stylish, and not funny at all.

I think you need to ham it up a bit more in the checkout lane. Crack some lame jokes, make noises like popular zoo animals or politicians, twist your face into frightening expressions, etc. Like Leor. You'll get carded often, I guarantee.

Mir said...

I love anonymous. :) you DO look awfully optimistic and forward thinking in that picture. kind of discoverish or presidentialish... Mount Rushmoreish. I love it. I love you. This all works out QUITE nicely. Even if you'd rather break my kneecaps than try to go to another show with me. :) xoxo

Deborah said...

Turns out it wasn't optimism, but a sinus infection.