Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Loopy Loo and the Lurid Lump

Nanna had biopsy number 2 yesterday. There's this imposing lump in her left thigh and we're trying to figure out whether it's an old muscle injury, or... well, something scarier than an old muscle injury. It's a long and involved process, full of specialists and words I can't readily pronounce (it's "gracillis" muscle, not "grazelda" muscle). But an entertaining side effect is watching poor Nanna when she's all hopped up on anesthetic. Just look at those eyes.

When she's in this state, it becomes imperative that we call her "Loopy Loo."

If your dog or cat ever needs a specialist, the good folks at San Francisco Veterinary Specialists are terrific. Warm staff, extremely knowledgeable and skilled in the ways of all things animal.

(Yes, I'm terribly concerned. No, I'm not going to panic until the pathology report comes back.)

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