Friday, March 25, 2005

When Fashion Attacks

I want one of those puffy down vests. The most recent incarnation of the puffy down vest was one of the many fashion trends to which I didn't catch on until about two years later and the article of clothing, or the color, or whatever, is much harder to find than in was when Target was selling it. Like the super super pointy-toed shoes. And hot pink highlights. And now the puffy down vest.

Fed up with eBay's outrageous puffy down vest prices, I turned to ye olde Craig's List, typed "down vest" in the search box, and got this:

I too seek someone who has stolen a car

Hi all

I and a few choice friends are planning on an interstate crime wave and need a getaway rig banks being tight as they are these days we planned on hitting casinos (they always have such nice buffets) with spring just around the corner I thought a convertible would be nice air conditioning a plus, perhaps in black as we're working on our gangster image also we'll be in need of some gats (prefer automatics) perhaps some of those nifty teflon tipped hot loads, ya know the ones that slip right through a bullet proof vest

can't wait to hear from you

I just wanted a warm torso and compfortably cool arms.

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