Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Gimme Five

I'm going to see a band called OK Go this weekend at little club near my apartment. I've seen them twice before; once before they were more-or-less famous, and once right during or maybe just after they were more-or-less famous. By more-or-less famous, I mean that they had a major label release (it rocks, I tell you), and that I once saw one of their videos playing on the dozens of display TV's in the electronics department of Target. But now they seem to have faded back into the kind of relative and proper obscurity which allows real fans (me, of course) to see them play at little clubs near their apartments.

Anyway, the band recently acquired a new guitarist. And they convinced him to keep a tour blog. He has reported on everything form the bratwurst at the Milwaukee airport to a mighty fine bowl of borscht he had in Columbia, MO. But this is the very best. OK Go's new guitarist, Andy "Rusty" Ross, explains the hip new handshake all the Midwestern kids are doing:

"It's called the 'explode-implode.' Here's how you pull it off:

1. Both hi-fivers start with a closed fist.
2. Bang the fists together and immediately pull away while opening your hand (making an explosion sound at this point is highly advisable).
3. Once you've fully retracted you should be in perfect position to go in for a normal hi-five.
4. Complete the hi-five, but immediately pull back and re-close your fist (again, a sound effect is preferred, this time making a 'shhhhhhmmmp' to simulate the implosion of your hand and proper end to your greeting).

It may take practice, but it's delicious."

Thanks, Rusty! I'm looking forward to heckling you Saturday night.

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