Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Everyone Plays

Last weekend, while simultaneously reclining and knitting, I watched The Bad News Bears on HBO. Boy, what a trip down memory lane. Sure, I was born the same year the film came out, and I don't think I ever actually saw it before Saturday. And sure, I wasn't a little leaguer (it was all about AYSO for me). But everything that wasn't plot-specific reminded me SO MUCH of my childhood (except for the racist 11-year-olds and the anti-semetic coach.). I'm pretty sure it was filmed in Southern California, but it could just as easily have been the non-descript, San Francisco Bay Area suburb in which I grew up. The ball fields, the snack shack, the banana seat bikes, the oh-so-1976 clothing (think very wide lapels and lots of plaid--not the good kind of plaid), the arcade, everything. It felt really good to watch and has left me with a lingering but definable feeling of nostalgia. More so than usual.

I think the only Bad News Bears movie I ever saw as a kid was The Bad News Bears Go To Japan. Brilliant stuff, even without drunken Walter Matthau.

And now I hear they're re-making the original movie? With Billy Bob Thornton as Buttermaker??? Hmmmmm.

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