Monday, March 21, 2005

Crazy Mixed-Up World

We all know that some things that are fantastic on their own, and become even better when combined with other fantastic things to make one uber fantastic thing. Chocolate and cheese (or chocolate and peanut butter for you conventional types). Pizza and french fries. Jay Z and the Beatles (in some circles). This list goes on and on, and contains mostly food items.

From when I was about 8 till I was about 11, I loved, LOVED My Little Ponies. We're talking every cent of my allowance, every holiday that could possibly warrant a gift, involved ponies and pony outfits, pony accessories, pony playsets--to an extent, it probably got a bit out of hand. Lord I loved those ponies. Long ago, my mom re-appropriated those ponies to a needy, age-appropriate child, and someday I'll forgive her for that. But as an adult, when I first discovered e-Bay, I immediately bid on Moondancer--she was my favorite back in the day, a Chanukah gift in 1984 (I can still feel the joyful tremors when I think about opening that present...)--who now sits proudly among my snowglobes, protecting, monitoring, moon-dancing.

When I was in high school, I began to love Quentin Tarrantino movies. Not with the same ferocity that I had previously loved the ponies with the painted rear ends, but his films were my introduction into independent movies and films that addressed ideas and topics other that how to get a date and how to kill dinosaurs (also my introduction to Uma Thurman.). I loved the concept that non-mainstream ideas were available for not-quite-mass-consumption, but you could find them if you knew where to look for them (read, if you were cool. Like me. I was cool.).

This is, however, one case where the joining of 2 fantastic things does not exponentially increase the fantasticness. In fact, I am appalled:

Just say No to the Uma Thurman Kill Bill My Little Pony.

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