Sunday, June 09, 2013

I don't care if we ever get back

Today was the kiddo's last baseball game of the season. While I won't miss the 8:30 Saturday morning arrival times on the field, I will miss sitting in the grass and watching the kids slowly (and not so slowly) go from excited and attentive ball players to goofy, wandering 5-6 year old kids. Let me tell you, there's nothing longer than a 3-inning T-ball game.

Although he still wants to be a professional baseball player when he grows up (Buster Posey, actually. He wants to be Buster Posey when he grows up.), his focus at game time is tough to manage. Thank heavens that is coach's job and not mine. All I have to do is clap loudly (my mom taught me how to do that) and yell "run run run" at the appropriate time (again, Mom, thanks).

It's going to be a long 9 months until next season. Time to start checking out the local batting cages!


Suzanne said...

Ahem, you're welcome.

The Moores said...

LOL! However now I'm dreading our first game next week...