Monday, June 03, 2013

A tagalong by any other name is still a friggin' hoedown

I'm not sure why, or what I ever did to hurt them, but it would appear that the Girl Scouts of America are out to get me. After I made it through Cookie Season (mostly) unscathed, I was secure in my belief that I had a nice 10 months or so of respite ahead of me. You see, the various Girl Scout Cookie themed ice cream flavors that are available in our nations grocery store chains aren't such a problem for me--thank freaking heavens.

But this? 

This is simply inhumane. And they're for a LIMITED TIME ONLY which, as we all know, means eat as many as you can right now because eventually there won't be any more. 

Fucking Girl Scouts of America and their delicious crack cookies. 

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