Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The past is the future! Again!

Good news, you analog film fans of yester-year! I've brought the Lomo LCA out of retirement! After a test roll in Seattle, I dub the old girl ready to go. I used Kodak Ektachrome 100, and my oh my, just check out those blues!

Underground, below Pioneer Square:

Yay, the Space Needle:

I wasn't even sure the camera would still work; it's been in a box of camera crap and knitting junk for a good 4 years, and lord knows where I even got the film or when. But I'm inspired to keep shooting and to explore some of the other goodies in that box that's been on the shelf for way too long...ignored, scoffed at, and all but forgotten. Cross your fingers for the Holga, the Quad Cam, the color splash flash and brand spanking new Sardina which I got for my birthday but still haven't opened. Now, in unison, let's all squeal with anticipatory glee! Eeeeeeee!