Friday, March 08, 2013

Unstoppable Energy

Another after-school play date is currently underway in the living room.

One 5-year-old + another 5-year-old = LOUD and also TOTAL CHAOS.

The pirates are set up, as are the army guys, the knights, the Peter Pan's some kind of mass action figure invasion, sponsored by Mattel and Play Mobil.

And the dogs have been locked out in the back yard.

And the cats are simply delighted.

And, of course, the kids are singing Shabbat songs all the while. Thankfully, as a more-or-less atheist, it just sounds like harmonious jibberish. However, since I was raised Jewish, I know very well what their songs mean (not to them, maybe, but still.). If you spoke Hebrew, you'd be listening to two adorable, innocent kids, shooting each other's action figures, while singing about the lord, our god, eternal and such, please bless our bread and wine as we usher in the sabbath bride. Yeesh.

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