Saturday, March 09, 2013

Opening Day

I awoke just after sunrise to soft little hands and a quiet, whispering voice.

"Is it time for the parade yet?"

Although the Opening Day parade was scheduled to start very early (imo) at 8:30, it was still a good 2 hours before were even supposed to meet our team on the field.

Samson of course is very excited; it's his first year in our local league. Last year was awesome--wiffle T-ball in Foster City--but in the Belmont Redwood Shores league, he's old enough to play with an actual ball. And he wasn't the only one there who was super excited. It was my & Max's first Little League opening day events too!

Did I mention 13 teams in the T-ball division, 14 kids per team. That's somewhere around 182 five and six year olds. In the same place. At the same time. And there are 3 other divisions. That's a shit load of cheering parents.

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