Monday, March 11, 2013

"The Beatles Get Kidnapped!" or, Why I Love Kindergarden

Tomorrow is Samson's sharing day at school. It's kind of like show and tell, but with rules. The item you bring to share must be "special to you or interesting to us." And it happens every week, so we spend a good amount of time examining the kiddo's prized possessions and discussing whether or not they are special or useful. We talk a lot about the origins, history and intrinsic "meaning" of his stuff, from baby gifts to special pieces of cement, to books and awards. After brainstorming today on what might be a candidate for sharing day--the 1971 50-cent piece that we brought back for him from Las Vegas, or maybe a special picture of him with our old dog Ozzy--kiddo decided that he wanted to make a book based on a drawing we had done together last May--a drawing that's been hanging on our fridge since the glorious day it was created. A drawing called "The Beatles get Kidnapped in Neverland."

I proudly present to you the kiddo's first complete book--the publishing rights are currently available, and soon to be a major motion picture!

It's a gripping four page story of--you guessed it--The Beatles getting kidnapped in Neverland, where they are rescued of course, and proceed to sail their ship to Pirate Island.

This is where the plot thickens.

On Pirate Island, they find the X that marks the spot and dig for treasure. Spoiler alert: they uncover the treasure and it is their instruments! Now The Beatles are happy, and they have a meeting to discuss their happiness.

Full color illustrations in crayon, marker, and black pen, perfect bound with Scotch tape.

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