Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Law and Orderer

Praise cable TV! Between USA, TNT and A&E, there has been a Law & Order marathon on TV for the last four days. Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday--96 glorious hours of SVU, CI and savory original flavor.

You heard me! Praise cable TV and praise Dick Wolf!

I realize that I have an addiction. And I realize that my addiction can be, at times, less than healthy. In fact, I came to this realization most recently on Sunday afternoon as I sat up on the couch, light-headed after moving from my mainstay horizontal position, rubbed my sofa upholstery indented face and looked down at the Triscuit crumbs on the floor. I blinked, looked at the light coming in through the venetian blinds and thought to myself, "Is that hazy mid-morning light or hazy mid-afternoon light? What time is it? Good lord, what day is it?!" Excited by my stirring and no doubt excited by the prospect of food, Nanna began to run around the coffee table in circles, carrying her stuffed goose toy and snorting with excitement. "What is it, girl? What's happening?" Nanna looked at me with exasperation and explained that she hadn't been fed in two and a half days. I actually stopped for a second and tried to remember the last time I had gotten up to get a diet Coke. Surely I had fed the dogs and cats on at least one of those occasions. I mean, if I hadn't, by this point Miru and Milhouse would have engaged in the only activity they both enjoy doing together: meowing pitifully for food. Loudly. That's when I realized that dogs, too, are capable of sarcasm. I put on my shoes and took the poor hounds for a walk.

Then I came home and watched another 17 hours of criminal justice doled out doink-doink style.


Anonymous said...

I love this posting. It's awesome. Some of your best work yet.


Deborah said...

Thank you. Thank you very much.