Monday, January 23, 2006

I can no longer be trusted

Yesterday was a beautiful day to turn 30.

It was a beautiful day to spend driving around in L's convertible with the top down, walking the dogs at the Palace of Fine Arts, visiting the Presidio, making pigs in a blanket...hey, it's my birthday, I can have pigs in a blanket if I want to.

I think Ozzy had the best time of all.

I'm just glad I was able to resist the temptation to have a party a Chuck E. Cheese.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday. Since 40 is the new 30 that means you're only 20. And if you truly do act your age, I suppose you are eight.

I totally would have come to a Chuck E Cheese party. Especially if they let me play in those net things and in the ball pit.

Deborah said...

Totally! Next year, I'll be old enough to drink!

Sadly, our local Chuck E Cheese is in what I'd call a less desirable area. You'd be sitting in the ball pit with a bunch of 9 year olds wearing do-rags.

And thanks for the wishes!

lizelliott said...

happy birthday girlie! looks like the weather down there is GORGEOUS, can't wait to be there.
i also hear ya on the chucky cheese thing...the only thing that stops me is this idea in my head that sometimes fond memories are ruined when we revisit them in a different time and place. remember the stage with the life sized singing chucky characters? i bet they're all slow moving with distorted voices now, bunches of confused and scared kids crying and asking to go home.
the presidio and pigs in a blanket were much safer choices.

anchovy said...

Suggested caption for Ozzy's pic: "A dog and his destiny." He's just ready to conquer the world!