Thursday, January 12, 2006

One cson or tu?

The first thing I noticed about Arizona was that the cars don’t have license plates on the front. It was an odd thing to notice, but it really stood out to me. The next thing I noticed was just how deserty it is here. I’ve traveled to a number of different places to attend a number of different conferences, and most of them have been places I would expect to be desssrty-—Dallas, San Antonio, Palm Springs, Las Vegas (well, not Las Vegas—I know well enough that Las Vegas is a thousand other things before it’s a desert). Yet none of them were all that deserty. They were either far too urban or far too resorty. But Tucson—-now that’s a desert! Even if it’s only because it’s covered with those cactuses-—you know the ones.

I’m here for the annual USASBE—SBI conference. You know, the one where Rhonda and I karaoke-ed to “I Got You, Babe” last year. The one where I saw Mickey Rooney (and perhaps more noteworthy, a rock that looked just like Mickey Rooney). It’s hard to believe a whole year has gone by since then. And what a year! New York, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Israel…no wonder my arms are so tired.

The conference hotel is downright schmancy. These entrepreneurship folks sure know how to confer! Between the giant coolers of iced tea everywhere you look and smell of tea tree and lavender wafting in from the spa, it almost feels like I’m on vacation-—sure smells that way. I’ll enjoy my surroundings while I’m here; I’m cutting my trip a day short. L’s going to be home for a week-—just long enough to help me celebrate the one year anniversary of my 29th birthday-—and I can hardly wait to see him. I see a shoulder massage in his immediate future; that’s the perfect cure for jet lag.

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