Wednesday, January 11, 2006

It's the most wonderful time of the year

The Planning Shop's annual holiday party is always held notoriously late. We usually get our act together around April, before the craziness of Book Expo ensues. 2004's holiday party was finally held on January 7th, 2006--quite possibly a record for the longest put-off party.

Obviously, it was worth it.

We had such a great time! 10 Planning Shoppers and Planning Shop well-wishers out for a night on the town in North Beach! We saw Beach Blanket Babylon (punsters Rhonda and Mireille were positively giddy) and drank champagne like real socialites (the classy kind, not the Paris Hilton kind), then we hit Rose Pistola for a 4-course butter and garlic fest. It certainly wasn't the rock 'n bowl karaoke parties we used to have in the olden days, but it sure was fun. When you're a group as small and close as ours, the party goes where we go. Next year, I'm thinking party trolley...

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