Friday, January 13, 2006


Seriously, they're everywhere!

Instead of trees, Tucson has cacti. I know, duh it's a desert. But as a first-time Southwestern US desert visitor, I'm pretty impressed. The stuff and brush I'm used to; both Eastern Oregon and parts of California are lousy with the stuff. But it's the gigantic, pole-like cacti that are just totally blowing me away.

I feel like I should be seeing a chuck wagon or Yosemite Sam or John Wayne or something. All of a sudden, I want to go to a rodeo.


Anonymous said...

hi deborah, i was trying to find the composer/srtist for the song air hockey, ball hockey, barn hockey ect and came across your site, ironically, i am close (ssf 94080), drop me a line, i am patrick at

Anonymous said...

found it, jughead, by the way i am from boston originally and a huge hockey fan (long time), nice win last week over the bruins, first one in boston ever. see ya

Deborah said...

Yeah, and thanks for taking care of Anaheim for us last night!