Monday, June 27, 2005

There's grilled salmon, fried salmon, salmon scampi, salmon gumbo, salmon cocktail, smoked salmon...

I know this person who is pretty neat. I hold her in pretty high regards, and tend to view her words as law. Recently, she told me that I haven't been writing enough in my blog posts. Too many pictures, she says. They're nice pictures, sure, but she wants more words. To her, I say this:

and this:

That's right. You heard me.

Last Saturday, I attended a deep-sea-fishing-surprise-birthday-party for my friend, Silverman. Her boyfriend APV set the whole thing up. We set sail aboard the Captain Joey at 6 am, out of the Bay and under the Golden Gate Bridge, and we kept going until we were 30 miles (or 264 knots...or something) out in the Pacific Ocean. Then, we fished. For four + hours. And, surprisingly, I never got bored. A little nauseous, sure, but never bored. And the best part is, I caught a 20 pound Wild Pacific King Salmon (not the best part for the fish, I'm guessing).

What have we learned? Fish on both sides of the country fear me. And if you're a sea lion, you'd better stay the heck away form Capt. Mushy.

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Mir said...

you RULE! :) see what I mean? xoxo