Saturday, June 18, 2005

Home sweet home

Four and half hours early for my flight home...honestly, sitting at the airport is better than spending another minute in the hotel. I'd lie by the pool in the sun, but I don't think my skin could take yet another sunburn, and I seem to be more or less immune to sunscreen. Besides, this is one step closer to home, one step closer to my own bed, one step closer to my own shower, one step closer to Cecil B DeCouch (AKA Patsy Recline) and my pirate's booty of TiVo-ed shows--including, but not limited to: the new season of the 4400, Hit Me Baby One More Time where washed-up pop stars and one-hit-wonders fro the 80's compete for the adoration of the home audience, a la American Idol, countless episodes of The Venture Brothers... Ah, I can already feel my brain preparing to go into hibernate mode.

Of course, Dulles airport is also one step closer to my precious and precocious 4-legged friends, those furballs who own most of the available real estate on my heart. (Technically, I'm also one step closer to Max, but he's still in London for another week, and I'm trying very hard not to focus on that.)

Unless there's a free wireless hotspot here (doubt it), I won't be posting this until I'm actually back in my apartment, and chances are my computer will be the last thing I want to deal with once I get there. So hopefully, when my hundreds of eager fans are reading this, I'll be fast asleep with an Oz at my head and a Nanna at my feet, TV softly glowing in the background...

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