Saturday, June 04, 2005

Reading Are Fun!

Book Expo America: Day 2.

2 late nights of theatrical entertainment.
2 many free books to ship home.
2 swollen feet.

The taping of The Daily Show was so great. It's as if Jon Stewart and I have this standing date, every year, on or around BEA. It's magical. Or something.

Last night we saw the musical Wicked, and we were absolutely blown away. Talk about a spectacle! And the music was awesome, the performers were outstanding, the story was clever and touching. The post-theater, times square rueben sandwich was $24.95. You know I love New York!

The combination of the disney-esque music form Wicked and the bagpipe player who's been in the BEA lobby the past two days has made for some strange music going through my head.

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