Monday, June 13, 2005

The Blog is Back

(Warning: this entry contains graphic images that may offend some sensitive readers. Approximately eight fish were harmed in the creation of this entry.)

After seven glorious days at Arnold Lake, I am enjoying the amenities and air conditioning in my hotel room in our nation's capitol, Washington DC. Let me just say, there is nothing like spending your days swimming, canoeing, and walking around the lake. Here are a few pictures to prove it:

There was much paddling of the canoe. It's just like riding a bike! But wetter.

And where's there's a lake, there's fish!

Thankfully, where there's fish, our neighbor Chuck is close at hand to do the dirty work:

Now that's good eatin'.

We left it all behind today as we boarded the plane from Albany to Washington.

We are now enjoying the beautiful yet muggy Crystal City area, complete with underground mall, metro stop, and lovely fountains.

Soon, I will have remembered how to post blog entries that are more than just pictures. I promise.

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