Friday, June 17, 2005

Early evening on the National Mall

It's humid in DC. Just look at that frizz:

Granted, it was a blustery day yesterday. Perfect weather for checking out the National Sculpture Garden. Yep. Some of our national art is damn strange.

And some of it so awesome, I would hypothetically cross the "Do not cross" line in order to get a better picture. Hypothetically.

Washington DC is more than a city of National thises, National thats, and National the others. It's also a global city of internationalness. Hence the International Spy Museum. It's fun to learn about how the whole world lies to one another in order to learns each other's secrets. And the gift shop was extraordinary. Plus, the sign is super snazzy (you know how I feel about marquees).

I know, I know. "What about the conference? You know, your job?" The conference is going well; it's good to see the international community coming together to promote Small Business. Plus, I get to practice my Swedish. There's a huge focus here on Women's Entrepreneurship, which is exciting especially as some of the Middle Eastern countries are starting to give their female citizens a few more of the freedoms afforded to their male counterparts--financial freedoms, physical freedoms--the elements necessary in enterprise creation. I've always felt that if the women in some of these more volatile societies had more freedom and social responsibilities, there would be less fighting, less religious fundamentalism, less classism and racism, and more education--the US included.

How's that for a tangent?

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