Thursday, June 23, 2005


I got the first 3 rolls of film from NYC-DC developed, 2 Holgas and an Action Sampler. Some highlights:

My brother brews beer in his Williamsburg, Brooklyn apartment. The whole dang place is filled with metal coils and giant glass jugs and things that create various types of carbonation. It's a great place to take pictures of light reflecting off of things. Things like beer-making equipment.

From the top of The Empire State Building, through the haze.

There should really be a warning on maps of Washington DC and Metro stations and hotel lobbies warning tourists NOT to use the Washington Monument as a directional landmark to try and find their way to or from somewhere. It looks the same on all 4 sides so it's incredibly disorienting. You might think you're walking from the Lincoln Memorial to the Smithsonian via the Bureau of Engraving, but you're actually walking form the Lincoln Memorial to the White House via some messed up path known as "The Eclipse." And since, by city ordinance, no buildings can be taller than the capital building (3 or 4 stories), there aren't a whole lot of other tall landmarks to use as directionals.

I'm just saying.

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