Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Lucky 7

Seven things that I have been doing since my last blog post nearly four weeks ago:

1. Looking at a great deal of baby pictures of Samson, who will turn seven soon. Guh.
2. Disposing of the dead critters that my cats AND dog have brought me: 1. a mouse (inside the house! yikes!) and 2. a squirrel in the back yard. How on earth did Turkey Sandwich catch a squirrel? Seriously.
3.  Shopping for school clothes and school supplies and generally getting ready for second grade--WHAT?!--which begins in a few short weeks.
4. Celebrating my sister-in-law's engagement to a handsome and charming young man.
5. Complaining about my stupid lack of sleep due to the stupid exercise class that I stupidly signed up for and which starts at 5-stupid-30 in the morning.
6. Enjoying the ridiculously warm and windless weather that has turned our backyard into a place to be, not just look at.
7. Breathing yet another sigh of relief that my MRI last Friday was clean and showed no new growth in the area where that pesky brain tumor was removed nearly 5 years ago.

So, obviously, I've been way to busy/happy/tired/preoccupied/complainy to blog regularly. Or at all. I hope to rectify this situation by eating more chocolate on a regular basis. I don't know how that would help, but I'm confident that it will.

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