Thursday, April 24, 2014

This Place

I'll start with an apology to all the parents of young kids who live in SF, as I'm sure I will offend you. Please note that this is not my intention.

San Francisco is not a kid-friendly place. I'm trying to say this as diplomatically as I can, but it's not designed as a place for young kids to live. It's great for lots of other things:

--20- and 30-somethings with lots of free time (obviously not parents)
--ironic clothes

Of course, I miss it dearly and I'm still bummed that we were outbid on EVERY. SINGLE. HOME. that we put offers out for in 2008 (yes, with our baby). But the comfort and lack of homeless folks in the suburbs, not to mention the copious amounts of parking, have made me grow soft and pasty. And I suppose these thoughts are exclusive to the areas we could afford when we tried to become homeowners here.

Please commence with the angry comments and feel free to shun me for retreating back to the safety of the 'burbs.

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