Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Body Movin'

If I were you, I would cash in my 401K, pull everything out of my kid's college savings account, sell my stock and invest pillows. Seriously. Because somebody, somewhere, like someone with the kind of power to decide that Toms are INCREDIBLY FASHIONABLE, like the guy who invented fro yo, someone like that has decreed that pillows are the new black. And I have been checking in fabric and placing patterns like *nobody's* business. I have been on my feet, measuring, cutting, and measuring again non. freaking. stop. and I don't see this trend slowing down. Mind you, I'm not complaining. If you'd looked me in the eye 15 years ago and told me that one day, I'd be making beautiful custom pillows for a living, I would have done the following:

1. A spit take.
2. Laughed at such a preposterous idea.
3. Spent the next 15 years wishing that I made beautiful custom pillows for a living.

So like I said, not complaining. Just severely taken aback by the thought that one little custom upholstery shop can get SO MANY PILLOW ORDERS. And when the fabric is cut and I've handed off to our (thankfully) speedy seamstress, I might dare to venture over to the computer to rest my weary feet and sit down and check the email and...more pillows. Pricing requests. Yardage requests. Many, many requests.

I'm glad that I have sparkly red shoe laces. I feel like they give me extra power to be on my feet.

Tomorrow, 32 pillows are being delivered so that I can cut new cases for them. 14 more new pillows need to be cut in the next week and a half. Every day, 3-7 new rolls of fabric arrive for additional pillow orders. I THINK MAYBE I SHOULD GET NEW SPARKLY RED SHOE LACES.

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