Saturday, January 25, 2014

These are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Continuing from Part I: Happy, Happy Birthday Baby

After breakfast, we stopped by my folks' house where I got a nice warm birthday hug from my mom--as well as the most amazing pajama pants I've ever seen, which she and Samson had made for me.

After a quick stop at BevMo to get provisions for the evening, we were off to the super-indulgent portion of the day, featuring my favorite kind of indulgence: a long, relaxing message. But it wasn't just the massage that made it so perfectly indulgent, it was also the small details like two bite brownies in the pre-massage relaxation room and the very friendly spa manager bringing us birthday champagne. Delightful!

All of that luxuriating made us hungry, so we sampled the new sandwich place nearby. My all-time favorite food, the turkey sandwich, is sadly elusive in my current low-carb lifestyle, and it was a much appreciated treat and great to sit outside in the beautiful California sun. Global warming or not, I got to eat lunch in 75 degree weather and that is wonderful.

We were ready for some much needed down time, so I cuddled with Turkey Sandwich (yes, I named my dog after my favorite food) while Max picked the boy up from school. Then we were off to the bowling alley for a few games of family bowling and air hockey. Cocktails for the adults and a slurpee for the boy and we all found our happy places pretty quickly. Just in time for dinner!

Another favorite food, Thai red curry, was supplied by our go-to Thai restaurant, Coconut Bay. Another fancy cocktail and my guys had one happy birthday girl on their hands. A full of day of sun, fun, and pampering and I was on cloud nine. We topped it off with desert: a handful of Taffy Town taffy from the sweet shop across the street, yet another of my very favorite treats! Could this day get any better? Why, yes! Yes it can!

At home, Max presented me with a gift: tickets to see Fred Eaglesmith next month at a very local venue PLUS an oil painting by Fred himself! A beautiful, thoughtful, and wonderfully surprising gift that mere words could never describe.

I am one year older and ten thousand times happier and glowier and luckier than I ever could have hoped to be. Thank you, thank you, Max, Samson, and all of my family and friends who have loved and supported me for the last 38 years. May you all experience days like this and feel even half as loved as do right now.

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