Friday, January 03, 2014


Is it time to make changes? Isn't it always time to make changes? Max says we need to challenge ourselves. He says that if something is hard to do or makes you uncomfortable, then it's probably the thing that you should be doing.

Max is right.

Change is many things, and "hard to do" and "uncomfortable" definitely top the list of things that fit that description. So I spent a year changing what I eat and how I look at food. I spent months exploring how I could find personal satisfaction in my job--what that meant and whether it was an achievable goal, and then how to make it happen. I'm constantly working on how to change my view of my son, trying to understand that he is more than my baby, more than a helpless child. I need to change my own perspective of myself--survivor, fighter, victim, spoiled brat, lottery winner. I suppose it comes down to how I feel about any given situation at any given time, but one thing never changes. And that is the fact that everything is always changing.

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