Thursday, January 02, 2014

Shout at the Devil

2013. The year that sucked, then didn't for a while, and then totally did again at the end.

Awesome new job
Four clean MRIs with no tumor growth
Wonderful trips to San Diego, Israel, New York, Seattle, and Minneapolis
Fun and heartwarming visits from out-of-town family and friends

And you know what? I'm not even going to write a list of cons. I'm far too busy being in the moment to look into the past in search of sadness or disappointment. Or, at least that's what I'll be saying once I've achieved my new year's goal of reaching spiritual enlightenment. I plan to be checking that sucker off of the big ol' to-do list by mid March. Along with not rushing so much and chilling the fuck out.

To end 2013 and begin 2014, let me just say this: if you are considering letting your six-year-old stay up until midnight on new year's eve next year, I strongly advise against it.

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