Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Six Days and Counting

The cab driver the other day told me not to be fooled. Don't pack away your coat just yet, love, he said to me. But SIX STRAIGHT DAYS of sunshine and blue skies has me at this point where I'm half thrilled, half delirious, and 100% waiting for the other shoe to drop. April in Ireland is rainy. Everyone knows that. It will remain dreary and at least mostly wet until June. Everyone keeps telling me, don't get used to it. Enjoy the longer days that will just keep getting longer. Enjoy the temperatures that have gone from the low to mid 40's to the high 50's. But don't think that winter is over yet. Winter here is also known as Spring. And Fall. Ah, but the Irish summer. I caught the tail end last year, and boy was it something. It almost makes the weather during the rest of the year worth it. Almost.


Anonymous said...

Your modest mother takes credit for the good weather.
Thank you very much.

RusticateGirl said...

Don't feel bad, here in the US we had 86 degree weather yesterday until a line of storms brought the temp down to 62 degrees within a 2-minute time period! Now it's supposed to be freezing over the weekend. Sigh.

Found your blog because my hubby & I are moving to Dublin June through August. I just may send you an email if you don't mind!