Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Contacts, Take 2

I'm trying contact lenses again. My last attempt at frame-free living only lasted about 4 months, but I have a new game plan. I'm not going to wear the contacts every single day, see. No, I'm going to mix things up. Some days, I'll wear contacts. Some days, I'll wear glasses. And hopefully, by the time we take wedding pictures in August, I'll have become accustomed to myself without glasses just enough that I won't look like a stranger in our photos.

Here's the thing: I've worn the same, uber hip black frames for eons now, and as much as I love them and allow them to define up to 65% of my personality, I just can't picture myself in my beautiful, poofy, white dress with the big ol' black plastic glasses. (Although, maybe if I wear the dress around the house for the next few months, things will change...) I even tried some different frames last year, but those really didn't work. After a few weeks, I went right back to my trusty black plastics. So I figured that maybe if I start now, I can ease myself into a face other than the one I'm so familiar with, and I won't look like a stranger in my wedding pictures.

Or, I can just complete the look with my low-top converse. That's a wedding picture that everyone can be proud of.


lizelliott said...

forget the glasses, what about the bun? are you having your dress altered or what? i've been dying for you to share your news in your blog so that i could ask this very question, see...
ps- i, for one, loved the pink that so wrong?

Deborah said...

After hours of deliberations and fittings involving a creepy device called a "pregnancy simulator pillow", I have decided that the dress won't work. As much as I love love LOVE the poofy and the four trillion layers of tulle, not only did the dress look questionable on a 7 months pregnant body, the dress itself weighs like 20 pounds--probably not the best choice. So look for my beloved dress coming to a Craig's List near you.

I do have another dress in mind...similar, but with an empire waist instead of a drop waist. I'll email you a picture. Incidentally, did you know that's actually a little hard to find white maternity wedding dresses? Lots of pink ones, though.

Deborah said...

Oh, and I'm glad you loved the pink glasses. Freak.