Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Squirrel, must get squirrel...

My dog talks in his sleep. This is nothing new. He has always barked and chased things in his sleep, the consequences of this action are two equally amusing results: the sleep-barking creates this wonderfully muffled "wurf" sound, almost exactly like the sound made by the cartoon dog in an old animated Amazing Stories episode (the episode was called "The Family Dog." At one point, the dog eats too much of the dish at which the family turned up its collective nose--"Tater puffs and cheese whip. Enjoy!"--and can barely move, let alone bark, at the burglars who break in while the family is out getting pizza. "Bur wur wurf!"). The sleep-chasing causes Ozzy's toes to move independently of one another, which is really quite a sight. It's as if he's running on his tippy toes.

Lately, there's a new aspect to Ozzy's sleepy time adventures: sleep-wagging. As he happily chases and barks through his doggie dreams, his tail thumps loudly against the carpet, but without its normal rhythmic quality. Just one or 2 thumps, then the precious "wurf"-ing, then another thump. It's all I can do not to bust out laughing.

I hope he caught whatever it was he was chasing.

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