Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Scarf #3

Things change. As far as I can tell, this is the only constant in life.

Maybe the San Francisco Giants and SBC Park have been hit pretty hard by the economy. Maybe they wanted to make a point about classism. For whatever reason, they are now insisting that you remove your own damn center from the ass gaskets. This applies to all restrooms in the stadium, including the Club Level. I did some heavy reconnaissance work to come to this conclusion. Beers were consumed. Bladders were emptied.

Despite the extra bathroom responsibility forced upon me, I had a terrific time at the game. The garlic fries were tasty. And during the 3rd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 9th innings, I managed to finish knitting scarf #3:

Scarf #3 modeled by yours truly:

It's a lot less chartreuse and more grass green than it looks. And it's the first of many skinny spring scarves to come, in a variety of spring-like colors. Pink. Turquoise. Melon. SPRING. Not winter. Spring.


Anonymous said...

Hi deborah...

a couple of points:

a) why does your scarf look yellow when alone but spring green when it is with you?
b) can you knit us some art work for our lounge to tie our firey red, fall orange, and thunder black lounge together?
d) have you noticed that someone recently left a comment on your woodchipper post back in september 04?
e) why was there no c?

PS it was £64,000 not dollars......

Rob & Hazel Birmingham UK

Deborah said...

Dear Rob & Hazel in Birmingham UK:

Answer to point a): It is my rosey complexion that brings out the true green of the scarf. (it really is a super neon color on the monitor-don't look directly at it.)

Answer to point b): No.

Answer to point d): Why yes, I did notice that comment. DId you ever find out which mountain was on the Toberlone box? I didn't, but i ate about 7 Toberlone bars trying to help find the answer. I think I deserve 1/3 of the prize money.

Answer to point e): Point c is for suckas.

Deborah from San Francisco, USA

Anonymous said...

Sweety, I think you looked much cuter as a brunette.

Deborah said...

Well! The next time I die my hair to suit your tastes, I will be sure to check with you first!

(I know that sounded snippy. But I love my red hair, and I think I look twice as cute.)

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with snippy. I love red hair in general and have had it many different shades of red at one time or another, whether it suited me or not.

I think you are adorable either way, but it's just my opinion that you were three times as cute with brown hair.

Deborah said...

(Now I'm blushing...)