Wednesday, October 01, 2014

I'm Waiting For The Man

Instead of managing the exciting world of custom upholstery today, I'm at home, waiting for the plumber. It all started at 6:30 this morning when a sweaty, smelly me got home from boot camp in desperate need of a shower. I turned the handle up to hot and the handle replied, screw you lady, I quit. Meet my substitute, ice fucking cold.

We'd been having hot water issues for a while now, but it was mostly with the kitchen sink--which, by the way, I ingeniously fixed last weekend by simply cleaning the faucet. Huh. Apparently, the little spray nozzles get clogged which brings the water pressure down which stops the temperature sensor on our tankless water heater from functioning properly.

Yes, I know--this is a terribly thrilling blog post.

It seems that one whole week of correctly functioning plumbing throughout the entire house is simply one whole week too many. Still, I'd rather sit in our sunny backyard with Turkey Sandwich and wait for the plumber than deal with the historically more regular plumbing issue we've had off and on here for the last six years. (Hint: it involves toilet paper escaping through one of three clean out valves on the property or a sewer hole in the street in front of the driveway. And it's so super gross.)

Ending yucky plumbing problem transmission. Commencing operation sunny backyard dog belly.

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